At 34Events, we revel in the fact that we are able to come together with so many different walks

of life and create a repertoire that resounds in the memory of every individual that we cross

paths with for years to come. Able to accommodate up to 330 guests, we offer a variety of options in

the heart of downtown Plano to make your day a success.

Historic 15′ brick walls and authentic hard-wood floors provides you with rustic nature that is flexible to your vogue. The Bridal Suite awaits you,

providing you with elegant capacity to fill with your heart’s desire. Our optimum ceremony and

reception rooms tend to take away the breaths of the expectant and adds a slight touch of


From a suit twirling you around in a breath-taking, white dress to incorporating humor throughout your presentation

as you capture the attention of hundreds of people, 34Events is here for you allowing you to create a world in

which you accomplish every reality of your event. Not only does 34Events ease your worries by

setup and cleaning, we provide essentials that is contained in every package, including but not

limited to, designer chairs, round tables, décor, audiovisual systems, and a suite that allows you

to prepare prior to the commencement of your occasions.

Although we present a contemporary, modern style we adapt to all creativity and budgets, giving

you the wedding you envision. We love to connect with each couple allowing us to appreciate

personalities and create a world of realistic fantasy.